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Italian Dual Citizenship - Italian Citizenship by Descent
May 2009
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Inheritance of Italian citizenship is available through a concept called Jure Sanguinis or citizenship by descent.

This concept relates to a person's birthright or blood heritage to claim citizenship to Italy, based on the fact that they are descendants of an Italian citizen.

The law governing Italian citizenship by descent is very complex. Our staff has extensive experience in navigating through the seemingly impossible foreign and domestic bureaucracies.

We do all of the work for you!
Have your Italian Citizenship package professionally prepared!

"We understand that your time is valuable, the process of obtaining Italian Dual Citizenship is complicated; however, we provide the solution!"

Find out if you qualify for Italian Dual Citizenship
The gateway to the European Union awaits you!

If you have any Italian heritage we can help you determine if you are qualified! Some Italian American's only have to prove that they are related to one person in their lineage that is or was a citizen of Italy. Our services are designed to do just that!

Italian Citizenship will enable you to live, work, retire, go to school, and travel freely in 27 European Union (EU) countries! For Italian-Americans, the acquisition of Italian Dual Citizenship is truly a gift, of unlimited potential, for you, your children and grandchildren!


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