The Italian Culture Association of Greater Austin ("ICA") has been quietly serving the preservation of Italian culture for over 25 years. Ten members initially formed the ICA in 1984. Membership stayed at under 20 until 1996 when the ICA began an effort to grow its membership. We have about 80 voting members.
In 2003, we formally changed the structure of the organization to a nonprofit organization [tax code 501 (c) (3)]. This moved the club’s focus to stress more cultural activities and opened membership to anyone interested in Italian culture. Our calendar of events is a blend of social and cultural gatherings centered on promoting Italian culture and traditions. Membership dues are tax deductible.
In 2010 the ICA became an affiliate organization of The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) – www.NIAF.org. We are collaborating with the local chapter.
ICA Mission Statement “It shall be the objective of this association to perpetuate the national heritage of Italian-Americans; to enhance the continuance of Italian heritage in Central Texas through educational, charitable, historical and cultural means; and to maintain an image of respect and honor in the community in which our members live.”